Kids & Transitions: The Return to School

life-transitions--the-return-to-schoolFor us adults, life dashes by in a blur of busyness and no quicker does your child break-up from school before they are going back again. But in your child’s world, the summer has been long and vast, busy and yet also probably boring. Going back to school is daunting, there is familiarity and yet also substantial change.  The joy of seeing friends, and/or the dread of seeing those you would rather continue to avoid! It’s a mixed experience emotionally and psychologically.

It is not surprising that as the return to school nears, so to do we see an increase in child therapy referrals. So, we asked Child Therapist Sacha Jackson to describe how she assists young clients to transition back to school.

“When I work with young people and they are transitioning back to school we look at the following:

* Physical needs ie: sleep, eating right, exercise etc

* Emotional needs ie: communicating anxieties to adults, peer support, school support systems that are available

* Practical needs ie: organisation, structure

* Positive projection ie: future goals, personal achievement aims. Creating new layers to their identity

School is an important part of our developing lives, so we take a ‘whole-child’ approach whereby we aim to change the conversation about education from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievement to one that promotes the long-term development and success of children. When children are healthy, safe, supported, engaged and challenged, they are then able to learn to the best of their ability.


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