A Place to Be Me

Welcome to this edition of the RHCP BlogSpot where Associate Psychotherapist Claire Wyatt beautifully shares her experience of witnessing transformational change, her beliefs about how experience informs our expectations and how therapy is a life changing journey from desperation to exploration.

Claire Wyatt Associate Psychotherapist

Claire Wyatt Associate Psychotherapist

I am often awed by the power that lies within therapy rooms and am humbled to witness a clients’ experience of change and growth within themselves.  Clients seek counselling for a multitude of reasons such as bereavement, anxiety, anger, relationships or self-esteem and frequently the motivation for seeking help is the challenging emotional and psychological experience of managing whatever life throws at us.

From a Humanistic Integrative perspective, I believe the key to working through these challenges lies with the client’s sense and understanding of self and what they are experiencing.  I believe that as human beings we are each unique, travelling our own path through life.  I also believe that from birth and throughout life, we construct a library of experiences, shaped from what we see, hear, are taught; from our parents, our family, our culture, our environment, our friends, our teachers, our colleagues and even strangers in the street or in the media.  We collect experience and when we are confronted with a new experience, we draw on anything and everything we have stored in our library, to help us to build an expectation of what this new experience will be like for us.  Working with clients to navigate this library of experience is often uniquely helpful to understanding emotional and psychological responses to life’s challenges.

In-depth knowledge and understanding of who we really are is something we rarely have time outside of a therapy room to explore.  Counselling not only offers support through challenging and difficult times in life but also offers the opportunity of a safe, confidential space to invest in our emotional and psychological wellbeing.  Many of us have gym memberships and routinely go to spinning or Zumba classes, others take time to do yoga, meditation, martial arts or simply go for a walk.  I wonder why investing in our emotional and psychological health is only important when we are struggling?

Regardless of the reason or motivation for seeking counselling, many clients that I have had the privilege of working with, express a sense of relief and in many cases gratitude, empowerment, joy and fulfilment for the time they invest in themselves.  As well as providing a space to work through challenges, counselling can facilitate a deeper understanding of ourselves and our ways of processing emotion and experience within ourselves and in relationship.  Often the therapy room transforms from a place of desperation, to a place of exploration.  A place to be free.  A place to be me.  Counselling is a place to be truly heard, seen and accepted and is a place to truly see and accept yourself for the beautiful, unique human being that you are.

 “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”. Carl Rogers    

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