New Intern Joins The RHCP Ltd Team

Nordia banton, new therapy intern at the RHCP Ltd practice

Nordia Banton, new therapy intern at the RHCP Ltd practice

Hi, I’ m Nordia Banton.

I am a third student at DeMontfort University in Leicester, studying a BA Hons Fine Art degree. I have always been the type of person to want to learn new things and meet new people, so I was searching for a work placement that would offer me new opportunities and teach me new things. I had started to develop an interest in the world of Psychotherapy as I had been thinking about studying Art Psychotherapy after I finish my degree, so when I heard about RHCP Ltd I instantly wanted to apply for a position.

I have a passion for helping people and assisting them through their issues and difficulties to a place where they can support themselves. I feel that this is most effective through various Therapies and Counselling, so having the opportunity to work in this environment is very appealing to me.

So far, I have found the experience, team members and the feel of the environment welcoming, fresh, open, supportive and gifted. Just simply being around these well educated and experienced Psychotherapists, inspires me to get my studies completed so I can do the same thing.

Why RHCP? Well, initially because of the recommendation from my university but also because I wanted to move away from the NHS as I have worked within the NHS for a year and I wanted some experience in the private industry.  I had applied to RHCP last year (2013) and didn’t get a placement, but I thought to myself “lets give it another try” and I got in… But I have really enjoyed being here and the experience and the things I am learning have been really helpful, it has helped me to think about further studies that I want to do.

While I am here at RHCP I will be gaining experience from the therapists, I will be a welcoming face to those that come for appointments, working on projects and anything else they give me to do.

My long term plans are to become an Art Psychotherapist working with Children and young people, but in the short-term I want to study Counselling and Psychotherapy after completing my Fine Art degree.

Should you wish to know more about placements at RHCP Ltd, give the team a call on 0116 416 1626, or check out the website


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